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May I Introduce The 4.3 Rebuild Bible!

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Im not quite sure of where i came across this thing, but I can definitely not take the credit for this, im just gonna share my find, Im printing it now, cus im tired of being home tryinh to get the MurdaVan back on the streets. My very first car, my first rebuild, and boy is there some backstory for this van.But here, look through the whole thing and there isnt anything they missed on the 4.3.
:eek: :shock: :D

Broken dropbox link removed, often overlooked link from the middle of the thread added below:

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96Blastro said:
Just so people can kinda see what the file is, its what i believe to be the factory shop manual from the manufacturer. Im gonna keep adding to this thread with all the stuff that ive found collectively over the past year or so that has helped me keep my stro alive.
And I thank you for it.
I copying it all and storing it.
BillyJoBob said:
Sounds like a real find cept I couldn't find it at the link, sez it's been removed from Dropbox. Was GM upset?

To pull disassemble to machine shop. Need new block so off to junk yard pull ad dissassemble second engine. Back to machine shop. Re build and get it back in. I was 2 weeks. Blown up to driving again. So figure a month just in case you have problems.
I can go through my thread and count hours. I basically worked over 8 hours the days I did. But there was plenty of down time waiting for parts.
I used my down time to port everything and put new studs in the exhaust.
Like your saying maintenance on things you normally can't get to easily.

I believe it was 3 days to get it out and about the same to go in.
But my van been totaled several times I know it pretty well, I have taken it apart on a regular basis. So there are no rusted stuck bolts, wondering how something comes apart, etc. etc.
1 - 5 of 59 Posts
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