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members faces

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just wondered if any of you would be interested in sharing a photo of yourself? what ever you want as long as its showing your face. it may help make the site more personable in stead of one reply to the next in just knowing someone by their punctuation. what do you think???

river 09 080.JPG
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It sound's like a good idea :clap:
Here is my face along with one of my cats. A Main **** named Gibbs.

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heres my ugly

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and this is what i really drive lol

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Me and my youngest (Tiffany).

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here i am . this is back when i was trying to grease my hair up.. lol

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Feel free to delete this post if it gets too unbearable to scroll past. :rolling:

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Hello all Its me and the bigest red fish I've caught to date

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Cool idea for a thread.
Here's my go at it!!

Ok so my 92' "Custom" van had the wiring harness all jerry rigged by previous owner!!!
Here's the mess!!!!!!

And here's me tackling it!!!!! :rofl:
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I manage to stay out of pictures pretty well, but here's one.

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This one of me, best one can come up with
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Here is me a couple summers ago when I first brought home my old Crown Vic. Sweatin' my azz off pulling jerry rigid police wiring out of it. Nice vehicle, but its just not a :chevy:
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tom you look like my best friend curt. lol and jasen are you playing with cow poop?
evil_motors said:
tom you look like my best friend curt. lol and jasen are you playing with cow poop?
Umm, no, why, what did you hear :|

That's at my buddy's place. Were both woodworkers. We scored 2 maple burls each weighing about 500 pounds. Took us a few day's to cut it all up and stack it for drying.

Maple burl of this quality costs $18-$30 a board foot, 12"x12"x1"
This piece is worth about $40

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nice. how did you score it?
He knows just about everyone in the world it seem like sometimes. People know he's a woodworker, he gets calls every now and then from people that have a dieing, wind damaged tree, or one they want removed. If it's something good, we'll go take it down or have it taken down. If we don't want it we just have it taken down for them.
We sell off enough to cover our costs. That burl haul was worth about $1.500 if bought from a hard wood supplier.

We got this maple this year. Was taken out when the Puyallup river flooded 3 years earlier.

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wow i guess i never looked into it but wood working is very involved. all different tools completely than i use. i am a metal man myself. thats way cool.
I've been a woorworker sense 8th grade wood shop. But have been building anything and everything for as long as I can remember.
There are a ton of woodworking tools out there, but theres also a lot of gimmicky junk as well. Between my carpentry and woodworking tools, I've probably got $6k tied up, and that's nothin. My table saw cost $600 not $2,500
I've done some iron work. Body work, made a few bumpers, used to jig weld crab pots in my yoot. Bent a lot of tin as a roofer making cap metal and drain boxes.
Doesn't matter what medium to be used, when the build bug hits, it hits :LOL:
true story about that bug. i wait for it alot and it comes when i am out. by the time i get home its left usually
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