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I just bought a 1995 Astro cargo van as a replacement for a F-150 pick up. I was looking for something that would still store my "stuff", get a little better mileage, and allow me to park closer to the building when my job moves me to the GM Tech Center in Warren. This little Van should fit the bill nicely. The Van runs out real nice right now, has 141,000 on the Odo & I was skeptical until researching and found this site. After reading thru some of the posts and seeing what kind of support I could look forward too, I pulled the trigger and bought it. I pick it up tomorrow.

I hope I never need any help from here, but it looks like there's a wealth of knowledge here if I do.
Here's some pics:

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I was just looking at the entrance to the Tech Center on Sunday.

Welcome and nice ride!
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