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Mike, I don't remember if I sent you all this stuff. It's a Bravada console, yes?

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That's the Bravada overhead console wiring - from a '93.

The bunch of files I got from the Blazer Forum for installing an overhead console in a vehicle that didn't have it are here:
The only module I see is the VSS buffer

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Yes, I did get a few things from you back then - elecs, OH console stuff, Bravada oriented.
I thank you for that - then & now. I have not checked to see if the drawing / jpg is avail in that post.

I had combined your and my drawings into one that included the 3rd party Trip dohickie.

It ended up a drawing that helped considerably - to a non-electrician - the 'double ground' system GM uses / used on the lighting. At least it is what I called it back then. Also a "Nice 12V DC Learning Experience".
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