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My starter has been on its last leg for almost a year and finally crapped out. I had to get home with a piece of metal and some percussive maintenance yesterday, so I'm in the market for a replacement.

I've already pulled and reinstalled this starter previously after testing and it was a PITA to get back in. I needed a second person to hold it while I hooked it up, so in the interest of saving myself time and frustration in this cold weather I've decided to look for a smaller lightweight starter.

I found a mini starter online that says it fits 1990-1995 Astros. I own a 4.3L V6 1988, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can use that later year gen 1 starter in my 88 (despite it supposedly not fitting, I'm not sure why it wouldn't) or has any recommendations on where to find one that will work. I'd much rather install a 8 lbs starter over a 20 lbs starter again if possible.

Thanks for any help!

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IMO, with the risk of alignment issues causing problems down the road, just get the starter that belongs in there. It's the old school SBC starter, so yes you could find a mini starter if you wanted to.
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