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Movement and vibrations in the shift handle JOR 4x4

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I had the JOR 4x4 kit put in my van and there seems to be a lot of movement in the shift handle. If i rest my hand on it while driving i can feel EVERY bump in the road and vibration. It will go up 1/8" - 1/4" when going over bumps in the road. Do i need a new transmission mount? Has anyone made a crossmember that supports the transfer case? If not, why?
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I thought Journey used a cable to shift
I thought Journey used a cable to shift
It's a direct linkage. I believe it's mounts to the TC. I didnt do the conversion.
Yes.. it's a direct link.
If trans moves or wiggles... so will your shifter.
New mounts might help.

My home-made shifter is mounted to side of my seat (pulls up) with cable.. no movement.
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