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My 2005

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I have had my 05 Astro for a while now and finally lowered it with a Belltech 2/3 drop kit. I just installed some rims
and tires yesterday,19x8 /19x9.5 . What do you guys think of it so far?
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No where did the OP state this was for "daily use".
Even if it is.. he is likely ready to accept the compromises for style and look.

My 92 had cut springs, and I learned to not pull all the way up to curbs.
It wasn't my intent to lower the vehicle, but rather give it the "rake" I wanted and close the excessive gap I had.

I agree lowing vehicles with low profile tires isn't exactly practical (and certainly not for me).. but "custom vans" suit the owner. Over my lifetime I've done plenty of things that were "less than practical".. lol.

My van buddies used to bust their spoilers all the time.
They looked cool, but were too impractical for me.
I never had that problem because I never had a spoiler... lol
Fog lights look cool too.. but you may have to deal with cracked lenses.
This compromise I am happy to accept.

Rims...... beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder.
I've seen some ugly ones, and I know what I like.

On the flip, I see all too often people putting on over-sized tires that reduce functionality too.. actually defeating some of the reason they were often added in the first place.

Go up.. go down, go big, go small...
Make it your own.. enjoy
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They are Porsche
I was going to subtract 2 bonus points
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