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My next idea: Factory Keyless Entry

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To start with, My 99, Old Blue, didn't come with factory remote keyless entry. No code AUO on the door. I really really want a factory key fob though, so today I stopped by pick n pull and got this module from a 97 GMC Safari:

Tonight when I get home I'll pull the dash apart and see if by some small chance the wiring for it is already there. If not, I have the 99 factory service manuals from GM along with all the wiring diagrams. I should be able to wire it up. Then I need to order a key fob.

I did a search and can't see where anyone was as dumb as me and tried wiring a factory remote. I know it would be easier to just do an after market one but I'm kinda hard headed like that! Besides, everyone needs a project!
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Before you get worried, open up your dash and look around - you might be pleasantly surprised.... depending on the trim level and other options on your van, it's possible that the wiring and plug are already there - just add the module and go... GM only made a few different wiring harnesses for these, and used them even if all the options weren't present....

If you don't have the plug already, then you'll have to work it out wire by wire ... in that case it would be invaluable to get the schematics and especially the pinout diagrams from the service manual.... Someone on the forum should be able to provide them for your year.... I can get them for you from my 04 manual, but not sure if there were any changes.....
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