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my rear tires are cambered in, is that normal??

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2000 safari awd

I had a small accident where the right rear tire was hit, the shop did an alignment and replaced the right rear axle that was bent they said but the rear tires seem like they are cambered in to far.

Are they even suppose to be cambered in ?

Also the van has an obvious dog track to it which it never had proir to the accident .

Should a proper alignment bring the vehicle straight again and get rid of the dog track ?

I drove behind another safari and it seemed to have no camber to the rear wheels,the handling is not very good on snowpack or ice at highway speeds either it seems to pull and almost lose control,very scarey
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Totally agree with the replies so far.Any frame shop would plum bob it(well lazier beam).That dog track is not normal.Maybe a angle to play would be take it back to the insurance adjuster telling him the repair shop couldn't fix it and the insurance should now total it. :think:
Sorry to hear this.Hope it works out for the best for you.
The thing is if the housing is bent(and it is),then is the springs twisted,or the shocks/mounts bent,or the frame effected??.I think the real question is where did the damage end??.What was the last component to absorb the shock of the hit and isn't correct because of it??.That doubt alone ,if it where me, would make me take whatever steps to force the insurance company to total it out.For you I hope what I am saying isn't the case,but.......
If it where me-now is the best time to get a lawyer involved.I would think that might change the insurance company's mind on who is going to pay for what and who is responsible for getting who to pay for what.It is the insurance company's problem to take the jeep dealer to court for any increases in the repair,not you.Given it is your insurance,they should just pay you first.Let the jeep dealer pay for any legal fees for the lawyer too.
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