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My van as of now

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Don't mind the cuts on the front bumper. That was just a rough cut to get me home from the tire shop.

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After seeing yours, I did look about and saw that there are spoiler kits along with other body kits available.
I don't know why I didn't already know that. A few months ago, there was a guy from Poland on here looking for information, and his was done up to resemble "The A Team" van, which had a spoiler. I guess I was so caught up in the mimic that the spoiler itself was overlooked, whereas in the case here, we have a standard camper van paint job, so aside from the lift, the spoiler stood out more even though it was not so obvious.
I started devising a plot to determine if I can incorporate one in such a way as to seal out the topside weatherstrip leaks on a barn door.
Just replace the weather strip for like $35
You have a link to a place that sells it for that?
Admittedly, I haven't even really shopped, but saw on here that it was more in the hundreds.
Ah, yes, generic weatherstrip. I thought you had found OEM style.
Have you tried with generic and it work? I feel that if the OEM didn't fit well, a generic won't either. I have tried a generic type on the body side mating surface opposite of the OEM rubber. It has slowed it considerably, but not eliminated completely.
Mine has worked for a year so far. I cut the old off at that big foamy piece where the upper and lower doors meet. Just pull out the steel in the weather strip and cut around the henges. Glue the ends to the foamy piece. It works just take your time with the cuts.
You haz de dutch dorz, yez?
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