So I live on an mostly inaccessible dirt road in the Appalachian Mountains and I need an AWD Vehicle for my wife--she rolled her jeep trying to back down the hill in the early morning darkness because she forgot to put her Jeep in 4wd, started slipping. She fractured 3 vertebrae and walked away from the accident.

Anyway I got the settlement cash yesterday so now I am looking to buy. Will consider up to $6000? (hey I don't want to spend 6 Grand if I do not have to).

I already own 2 Astros, a 1996 AWD Cargo and a 2000 RWD passenger... she isn't the biggest fan, but a nice AWD that is clean and decent mileage will probably sway her. Must be clean and decent shape, lower miles.
I am willing to travel to buy the right van. Cash in hand for clean title. I will ask to see a photo of the title and the drivers license of the person selling it especially before travelling long distance to obtain the vehicle.

Here is 2 photos, one is my AWD on what we call "Dead Mans Turn" and then the 2nd is photo of my wife's jeep on the same turn.
Send phone # and name and location and vehicle if you respond.