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Nearly done! What am I missing?

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Full 300 watts of solar, two batteries (1 connected to front, 1 gets solar), awning, 5in lift, 30in tires, interior entertainment system, iPad navigation system, new speakers.

What are some little things I can do to really increase my love for this van? I want slotted rear windows, window fairings to protect from rain, and a big ol grill cover, but I’m also blanking on what kind of performance upgrades would be available to me to give it something special nobody else has.

ill be bringing it to some locals to redo the interior completely to open it up and make it livable, but until then this is what I have. Ideas welcome!!

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle
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I can't offer any advice, but the consensus in my house is, that's really cool!
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