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Need an Android version of an iPod Touch

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If I buy a used Android phone, will it work on my local wifi connection without it being activated through a cell phone carrier?

I need a handheld device for a few web based applications that I use on the job and being that I already have internet service, I don't really need a data plan. I know that I can use an iPod touch for some of my purposes but I was hoping that an unactivated Android phone does the same thing.
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Thanks guys!

One thing that I plan on doing is using it to monitor IP cameras. I wanted to go with an Android phone so that I can get someone to custom build the app for me.
Well I ended up getting a 1st Gen iPhone.. donated to me by a friend who probably has a dozen of them from all of the upgrades that's he's done over the years.

And I realize that I'll probably still want to get a droid eventually but this at least gets me started. Right now I carry a mobile hotspot with me just so I can get acclimated with using a touch screen and the keyboard that pops up for the text fields.

And now I see why people keep their heads "buried" in their phone for extended lengths of time.. it takes FOREVER to do anything on a smart phone. :lol:

I would lose patience very quickly if I needed to make a phone call and I had to flip through all of those screens.. although I think that most smart phones have a 1-button function to get to the dial pad.
paintdrying said:
I think I need something like this so I could leave guys on the job and I can call them from home depot and say, hey put those beers down and get back to work.
Yeah.. and that's exactly what it does. The difference is that the camera acts as it's own self-contained video server (vs. some of the more elaborate systems that have a centralized box that sends the camera feeds out to the net) and all you basically need is a high-speed connection from wherever you want to set the camera up. It's easy to configure and you can watch it from anywhere around the world.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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