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Need an Android version of an iPod Touch

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If I buy a used Android phone, will it work on my local wifi connection without it being activated through a cell phone carrier?

I need a handheld device for a few web based applications that I use on the job and being that I already have internet service, I don't really need a data plan. I know that I can use an iPod touch for some of my purposes but I was hoping that an unactivated Android phone does the same thing.
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Yes the Wi-Fi works independently of the Phone service just like an I pod.
I have a unlocked phone. It still gets Wi-fi from the carrier it came from also. And I use a different service.
Yes they take a while to learn. But just like a computer I put icons on the main screen to take me to the functions I use most. Contacts, messages, internet etc etc. Mine has a strip at the bottom that says phone. Hit it and past calls and numbers for dialing pop up. It also has car mode where stuff you shouldn't be doing is blocked and all that is there is real big and obvious.
It does take a month of sundays to figure out how to set everything.
Thats is why I don't switch phone types often. I know where everything is on the one I got.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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