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AstroWill said:
Gotta make a mental note to remember this kind of stuff come election time.
I always thought it was supposed to be 'by the people for the people', not 'by the wealthy for the wealthy'.
Well, here you go - I cannot for the life of me - remember what my "Position" was or what was better for us poor slobs that don't try to 'conquer the internet' while online... just trying to order dog treats and roadie puke bags.

This just in - anyone figure out which friggin way this goes - pro Biden or old shit Trump stuff...?

From "Evil Fox":
The Office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has revealed in a new report that nearly 18 million of the more than 22 million comments the FCC received during its 2017 rulemaking were fake, intended to support the repeal of net neutrality, the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) should provide all online content equally and prevent them from favoring their own services or customers over their competitors.

A $4.2 million effort funded by Broadband for America, which includes major internet providers like AT&T, Comcast and Charter, reportedly accounted for more than 8.5 million of the fake FCC comments. Millions more were submitted by a teenage college student in California. ...

... and the drivel does on... ad aauseum.
But this text is avail all over...
61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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