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New Astro owner from W. Mass

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Hello all, I am 22 and live in the Springfield, Mass area. I just got myself a Blackish 94 AWD Astro Van with 249,900 on the clock for $500. I got it as my winter car so that I can put my Subaru STi away for the winter. It def isnt the prettiest looking van but it will do for now. Surprisingly the only problems that I have found so far is that the air bag light stays on on the dash and I have a pretty bad power steering leak. The whole reservoir empty's out over night.

Anyways, looks like there is a pretty good following for these things so I look forward to learning some new things. I will post pictures as soon as I get it repainted...(rattle canned of course! :lol: ) This picture is from the add:

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Welcome! Looks pretty clean compared to my '92 Astro. Your going to find that these Van can outrun any STi on the a cliff of course! :rofl:

Oh ya nice Cargo Van dog dishes you got on there..... :lol:
Ok I got my '90 Safari for $300 after I sold the subs and amp, but I kept the Pioneer deck. Its a work in progress.....well hell both my Vans are works in progress, but they have both been all over the state without missing a beat. <---That reason alone these Vans are worth dumping a little money into. Besides a 2" lift for your AWD Van is only $300.

Funny thing my Safari also has a pretty good power steering leak too, coming from where the steering linkage goes into the steering box. Gonna fix eventually, but she needed tires before the snow starts flying.

Nice STi you got there. :rockon:

You could get some 15X8 ralley rims off of a 80's 2wd Chevy pickup. Should be able to find 15X8" ones pretty easy. Or just look for 5x5 bolt pattern RWD Chevy rims on craigslist.
You don't get a lot for $500 these days. :x
When I bought both my Van ($700 and $300) it took me a couple of months to get both of them sorted out. My Safari still has problems that need to be addressed, but it will just have to wait.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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