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New Astro owner from W. Mass

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Hello all, I am 22 and live in the Springfield, Mass area. I just got myself a Blackish 94 AWD Astro Van with 249,900 on the clock for $500. I got it as my winter car so that I can put my Subaru STi away for the winter. It def isnt the prettiest looking van but it will do for now. Surprisingly the only problems that I have found so far is that the air bag light stays on on the dash and I have a pretty bad power steering leak. The whole reservoir empty's out over night.

Anyways, looks like there is a pretty good following for these things so I look forward to learning some new things. I will post pictures as soon as I get it repainted...(rattle canned of course! :lol: ) This picture is from the add:

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i hope you get the urge to lift it
your story reminds me of mine, i bought mine for 500 for a winter vehicle with no intentions of doing anything to it. After a while i had a bad vibration and noticed the motor mounts were bad and the oil pan was sitting on the front diff with a bolt of the front diff almost going through the pan. I changed the mounts and "relocated" the engine to its proper place to fix the driveline issues. While doing the motor mounts, I noticed the all the front bushing were bad and thats when it started, its addicting you wont be disappointed.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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