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New Astro owner from W. Mass

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Hello all, I am 22 and live in the Springfield, Mass area. I just got myself a Blackish 94 AWD Astro Van with 249,900 on the clock for $500. I got it as my winter car so that I can put my Subaru STi away for the winter. It def isnt the prettiest looking van but it will do for now. Surprisingly the only problems that I have found so far is that the air bag light stays on on the dash and I have a pretty bad power steering leak. The whole reservoir empty's out over night.

Anyways, looks like there is a pretty good following for these things so I look forward to learning some new things. I will post pictures as soon as I get it repainted...(rattle canned of course! :lol: ) This picture is from the add:

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yaaa those things are freakin hideous! I'm in the process of trying to find some cheap wheels for it right now. Not as easy as I thought it would be since it is a Chevy. I am looking for something that will set those tires outside of the body a bit. Either a good offset or a nice wider rim...or both.
I would really love to lift it since the off road scene was the first thing i was into in high school and I miss it a lot...but, I have to remind myself that I bought this for a winter rig and not another project/toy. After being under the van for the first time today trying to find the power steering leak, I discovered that almost every visable bushing is either so dry rotted that it is not doing much of anything or there isnt even a bushing where one should be. The van needs a decent amount of small work to even make it worth dumping more money into. Even something as simple as the tensioner pully is cracked... :?

but we shall see, i have a hard time leaving any of my vehicles stock... some tires, rims and at least stock ride height would be nice...and to stop the leak haha.

Thanks for the welcoming all!
Mr_Bowtie said:
Welcome! Looks pretty clean compared to my '92 Astro. Your going to find that these Van can outrun any STi on the a cliff of course! :rofl:
STi's have fun off the road too! :driving: This is mine about a few months ago...a few things have changed since but you get the idea
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90lownslow said:
Not to sound like a complete repeat but here it goes. I got mine as a work ride that I work on and not just drive to work. I got mine for 500 also and I had a bad power steering leak also. You should check out the power steering pump for your leak. I got one at the junkyard for 20 bucks and it had the bracket or whatever it mounts to allready off. I think it was easier to change the whole bracket and not just the pump.
From what I could see it is def leaking from the actual pump. I can only see the bottom of it since these engines are so nestled in there but it seems to be leaking right from the bottom of the housing itself. I cannot see any drip marks that would show it is leaking above that area. I guess my next stop will be a junkyard to see what I can find.

Thanks for the info on this and on the rims Mr_Bowtie!
91astroluv said:
Im from w.mass as well
Own a Shorty grey looks like it was in a sandstorm
with the paint being sanded of to the primer in a lot
of places. Thats because it came form TEXAS.
This means there is NO RUST anywhere!!!!
This was a huge seling point for me!

Glad to have ya aboard If you need a hand picking stuff up from a j Yard
and I have the time I'd be glad to lend a hand. Just let me know.
Where abouts are you from in W. Mass? I'm right next to Springfield. I will probably need some help in the future grabbing some parts because I work everyday they are open so I may take you up on that haha. My paint is all messed up too lol. faded clearcoat in some areas and some rust (not as fortunate as your texan car) so as soon as it gets on the road I will be giving it a fresh black coat out of a rattlecan.
d0n said:
welcome and nice looking van for $500!

I'm just over the border in NY.

I am digging the STI. I've always wanted one but couldn't swing it. We got a new 06 impreza 2.5i instead.
Thanks and the 2.5 isnt a bad car at all. are you into modding it at all? are you on Nasioc? if you ever need any kind of parts for a subaru def check out Nasioc!

Hopefully $500 wasnt overpaid...we will see if it gets me through the winter without too much trouble...
Mr_Bowtie said:
You don't get a lot for $500 these days. :x
a very valid point...

I was looking for a turn-key beater for under $600...very very difficuly. atleast in NE since most older vehicles are rusted away or beat to death. This was supposed to be a gas-n-go deal but already the PS pump and belt need to be replaced...and its not even on the road yet. :doh:
I am in the process of painting the can as we speak...spent a whopping $12 on paint for 11 cans haha.



I will keep updating as I go... I'm going for the murdered out look haha, black EVERYTHING
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don't feel too great after going through 10 cans of paint in a garage haha. overspray everywhere!!!!!

crappy dark crackberry pic, I will try to take some tomorrow if the weather is decent.

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hey Trip thanks for the kind words haha. MY power steering leak is gone since I put a new/used pump in I got from another member on here last week. As for the linkage, I will let you know today or tomorrow if that is the right one because I will be attempting the lift this weekend! :D

I dont have wheels yet but I am working on that. I'll keep ya posted!!
91astroluv said:
Astrolific Ryan!

I'll be going Monday for the last time for a while, My girlfriend said she is gonna stop callin my cell
and call the j yard directly (seeing that's where I live now).

I wonder how many a marriages/ divorces were ended over an Astro? ( or in your case a subagoo)- eeek. By the way that thunk in the rear its my pinion
bearing. Gears and spiders are fine. My steel leafy's and rear end Might go in Monday at my bud's Tranny shop. (fingers crossed).
I found some steel leafs today at the j-yard so I'm havin my friend talk to the owner on monday to see how cheap I can get them :)

These are going in tonight. I had my friend weld in some supports to the $20 shackle lift to sturdy them up. Only cost me a subway sub for the welding :rockon:
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little teaser of the jeep wheels I just got for the time being. I worked on the lift for about 7 hours tonight and its still not even close to being done. I found out that I had the wrong bolts for the body lift and that there are 2 different sizes of body bolts. In the rear I had 3 of the 4 leaf/shackle bolts out and the last one was completly seized in the spring. The sleeve that the bolt slides through within the leaf bushing fused with the bolt and are now stuck... Looks like I will be needing a spring as that seems to be the only way to fix the problem...I definately did not think that it would take this long but I guess that 250,000 miles takes a toll on nuts and bolts...

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