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New here. and replacing the ALT!

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HI all ..

am looking around so I sign up anyway. I had got this Chevy Astro 98, last summer.. had 80,000 miles and every thing checked out and still runs, AC air still works. had to replace the hose,

and now need to replace the ALT. so am looking to see what amps should I put in van, have some choose 105 amps or 150 amps? the 150 will be bit more $$.. is it worth it?

here's an web page to my van.. it's much still same as I got it no changes yet.. but am looking for some.

and I want to add an Hitch on it too.. class 3 III ??

I dont know why I really enjoy this van the most than my last car the Park Ave.

I get 24 MPG on this van.! down the HWY..

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tnhillbilly said:
Hi duck hunter and welcome to the forums. Unless you have added some electronic equipment I don't see why you would need a 150 amp alternator. As for the hitch, I guess it is according to what you would be pulling. My 96 has a class 3 hitch on it. I don't plan on towing that much but the guy I got my van from pulled a low boy with a dirt track car on it. I guess both would be personal preference. I am sure other members will give you some more insight. :2:
Hi there,
Am planning to tow an closed trailer, maybe an camper.. It will hold 1 or 2 batterys in it. There some camp place I go that has no power out there.

Right now I have an 12 foot home make trailer where I keep all camping things in it. Not sure what the weight is yet. Am guessing 1500 something less or more.

tnhillbilly said:
Hi Steve, In that case I would go with a class 3 hitch. It should do the job just fine and it is easy to find receivers for it. You might also want to make sure you have some good shocks on it. Especially on the back. I towed somewhere around 2200 lbs with a 97 I had once and it was right scary on the interstate. It had the factory shocks on it and it squatted pretty bad. I am sure you will get more input.
yeah am planning on the shocks too and have the streeting check out too.
am still looking on what kind shocks on back going to be. Air shocks? any inputs on this?

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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