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I have posted my intro message however NOT seeing it so UNSURE am doing it CORRECT ??
I AM the PROUD OWNER of a 92 ASTRO VAN LEISURE TRAVEL MODEL with over 401,000 ORIGINAL MILES & TRANNY having driven MY RUTHIE named after her owner, my very dear sister in law who we lost to breast cancer 馃巰 in 98 馃槬
I bought her after her husband drove her all the way out to Washington state from WEST VIRGINIA when she had 140,000 miles on her & paid $4,000

1998 LS AWD Forest Green metallic
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Over 400K....that is impressive. It must not have sat long enough for rust to accumulate.
Welcome to the forum, and to Washington State. I hope you did not bring any of that east coast rust with you.
We do not like it being transported west of the Rocky Mountains. ;)
Rod J
Issaquah, WA

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THANKS EVERYONE 馃槉 I was THRILLED 2 find this site & have ENJOYED MANY of your POSTS & recently read that WE R CALLED ...
"ASTROHOLICS!!" 馃槅 馃ぃ 馃槀 2 FUNNY!!

MY OLE GIRL RUTHIE has 401,711 miles as of today's drive & just got a NEW SET of FRONT BALL JOINTS with the LEFT SIDE still being riveted so CANT BELIEVE it cus that's how they come from the factory !!
She got new front brake lines, bushings & left brake pads too THANKS 2 MY WONDERFUL MASTER MOBILE MECHANIC & FRIEND " BRIAN!" 馃槂
He is the BEST & kept her goin' for YEARS 鉂
Last week I had quite the SCARE tho as turning sharp to park in front of my house since I had surprise family parking their 5th wheel in my driveway I felt & heard this LOUD 馃槼 THUD & RUTHIE wouldn't MOVE !!!
YEP! RIGHT LOWER BALL JOINT assembly was lying on the ground 馃槻 馃槺
Definitely an AHH 馃挬 moment & KNOW SOMEONE was surely watching over me & My Lil Sis 馃槆 馃檹
Now the disturbing thing about all this & that IF I had been on one of my trips to OREGON or OCEAN SHORES 4 convention every March driving on the freeway ..... I'd B DEAD 馃槵 馃槬
I had her in for her ANNUAL OIL CHANGE, TIRE ROTATION in March & they advised I needed new SHOCKS & STRUTS so had those done.
Now it USED 2 B that most shops checked things out for WEAR & TEAR when they lubed all the necessary parts in the front end ..... so HOW 馃 DO U MISS a WORN BALL JOINT ..... BADLY CRACKED & SQUISHED BUSHINGS & TORN BRAKE LINES ????!!!! 馃槻 馃槧 馃棷 馃槨
My mechanic told me these all had been wearing out for quite awhile so it just is unsettling 2 me that none of that was NOTICED & I have used this shop for many years .
LET THIS B a WARNING 鈿 4 ALL U LUCKY OWNERS of an ASTRO or SAFARI or ANY trustworthy set of wheels 2 B AWARE of WHAT any shop may or may NOT B DOING o_O:oops:
**** THANK U ALL YOUR WELCOMING greetings & FUNNY WIT for the guy in Issaquah who doesn't want East Coast RUST out here 馃ぃ
Will look forward 2 hearing your comments 馃槂

2004 Astro V6
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Hi! Welcome!..I'm another PNWer here with 340,000 miles on mine.. but fortunately that's over two of them..I live in Lynnwood.I agree with Rod about the rust..we seem to just get a little "under-color-coat" if anything around it to stay that way..
Most of us seem to heed the warnings about shops and work on our own ..when we can.
Your van sounds interesting..please post pictures of it..(see those little Pic icons in the middle row below)..
Ocean Shores?..that's seems pretty blah to me below Kalaloch,Ruby Beach.I spend a lot of time in the northern part of the ONP coast..I had to go mow for a couple days last week by Lake Crescent..Boo!:mad: No time for hiking this trip!
Maybe I'll see you on the road sometime out there if you get farther north and I get farther south...;)

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Thats GREAT U have over 340,000 & sorry about Lake Cresent & no hiking time BUT NEXT TIME U 馃槈 CAN !!
I tried to post photos of My Girl B4 but must have NOT hit the CORRECT icon so THANKS so much 4 the TIP !
These R RUTHIES latest & greatest considering her recent front end job she badly needed but I will find BETTER ONES of her to post 馃摣 next time 馃槈
I have driven my AWESOME GIRL for over 24 years & know EVERY SOUND & GAUGE should read by 鉂 I LOVE the way she SOUNDS & FEELS when she SHIFTS & she DRIVES SMOOTH as SILK & WONDERFUL around town but especially on the open road 鉂
EXTREMELY SENTIMENTAL of course considering her " ROOTS" & the COUNTLESS MEMORIES she has allowed me 2 ENJOY & SAD ones too 馃槩 I REALLY couldn't imagine driving anything else cus she's been like a part of my SOUL which I know sounds CRAZY but there's a reason U ALL created this site now isnt there!!
I could work & DID on my 64 DODGE DART GT many years ago however asides from doing minor things on RUTHIE like replacing a distributor cap that its rotor ERODED with the help of the HUBS I KEEP her oil changed, DRIVE HER RIGHT & SHE STILL KICKS *** on the highways 馃洠 with her V6 4.3 L motor !!!
AC stopped working some years back but when U live in RENTON WASHINGTON unlike our recent NASTY 馃敟 week of awful heat she has been the BEST set of wheels I have EVER OWNED 鉂
Only bad deal is her paint aa she was one of those years GM had the recall for bad primer & B4 My BEAUTIFUL REAL LIFE " RUTHIE" could take care of that sadly 馃槩 her breast cancer came back so obviously it never got done.
She always knew I wanted her precious van so we had made that arrangement B4 she left us.
Her family is still AMAZED I still DRIVE HER 24 years 鉃 later & I KNOW HER SPIRIT IS ALWAYS WITH ME as she rides along & has ALWAYS KEPT ME & MY FAMILY & FRIENDS & PUPS SAFE 馃槆 馃檹 鉂
Someday I hope 2 have a new paint job done with RUTHIES SPIRIT detailed on the sides of her but have YET 2 find a GOOD BODY SHOPPE that can take her down to bare metal cus that's what she's gonna need 馃槈
We discovered that GORILLA TAPE works WONDERS ACROSS the top of her windshield to STOP leaking that I have read is common on our ASTROS & MY MECHANIC FRIEND has replaced weather stripping, my left window motor assembly a month ago, replaced my power steering pump, alternator ( that's another unique story 馃槻 馃槅) & various little things she has needed .
The BIG O folks did oil changes, tire rotations, oil sending unit TWICE since first one was faulty.
The old garage I used B4 who replaced a water pump & distributor RETIRED so had to find another place when MY MASTER MECHANIC was out of town.
RUTHIE has had 3 water pumps to date but UNBELIEVABLELY NO MAJOR ENGINE OR TRANNY REPAIRS so I 馃し AM DEFINITELY BLESSED EVERYTIME SHE STARTS & takes me on yet ANOTHER JOURNEY even if its to OCEAN SHORES condos on the beach where My FRIENDS & I ALWAYS have a BLAST !!
BEAUTIFUL OREGON 2 SEE MY GOOD FRIENDS is ALWAYS a WONDERFUL RIDE as well PLUS MY RUTHIE can HAUL over 400# of DECORATIVE ROCK from there & 6 CHRISTMAS TREE SIZE BINS when I pack her FULL @ that time of year to decorate MY SALISH VETERINARY CLINC 4 CHRISTMAS 馃巹 in Snoqualmie 馃巺 馃ざ
HO HO HO !!!
I GUESS I have written ALOT but someone 馃し will hopefully get a kick out of HOW MUCH MY ASTRO has meant 2 me & enjoy alittle bit of her " STORY!"


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