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2004 Astro V6
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Hi! Welcome!..I'm another PNWer here with 340,000 miles on mine.. but fortunately that's over two of them..I live in Lynnwood.I agree with Rod about the rust..we seem to just get a little "under-color-coat" if anything around it to stay that way..
Most of us seem to heed the warnings about shops and work on our own ..when we can.
Your van sounds interesting..please post pictures of it..(see those little Pic icons in the middle row below)..
Ocean Shores?..that's seems pretty blah to me below Kalaloch,Ruby Beach.I spend a lot of time in the northern part of the ONP coast..I had to go mow for a couple days last week by Lake Crescent..Boo!:mad: No time for hiking this trip!
Maybe I'll see you on the road sometime out there if you get farther north and I get farther south...;)
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