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NEW POWERSTOP Front Brake System My 2000 AWD

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NEW POWERSTOP Front Brake System for my 2000 AWD (again)

After cruising thru recent deep flood waters, my front brakes developed some serious braking issues. Hard darting to the right and left (even with mild braking) had become dangerous... I was ALL OVER the road! I attempted to push the calipers in/out.. but fix was only temporary, problem returned and got worse quickly.

My flood post:

One side was hanging up and getting MUCH hotter than the other side
The cool side felt like it wasn't even working.. BOTH SIDES had issues...

I was due for replacement pads and rotors anyway.. but hadn't expected I'd be replacing calipers again so soon too. I just installed these new a few years ago. I believe calipers should always be replaced as a matched pair.

My work area:

I was SO impressed with the Powerstop stuff I purchased previously.. I went with same again. Only this time my purchase included slotted and drilled performance rotors. They were on sale at Rock Auto $120/pr AR8622XPR (which was less expensive than the quality regular ones I was looking at)

These severe duty pads are Powerstop Extreme Series Z36-369 Carbon Fiber made for commercial truck, 4X4, and towing applications. These PADS are fantastic.. my previous set went for years and still had some meat on them.

The calipers are Powerstop S4299 (for AWD)

Loaded, lubed, and ready for install...

I was a little surprised I had to do a slight modification to the pads to get them to fit nicely in the heavily powder-coated calipers. I didn't have to do this last time. No biggie.. it was a quick easy fix..just these tabs barely needed a little filing...

The slotted rotors are directional..
(different one for each side)

I fully flushed the system again.. plus cleaned out the crud in the reservoir...

The trick to a quick and easy flush is to simply let them "gravity bleed" (one side at a time while changing caliper)..
Keep topping off the reservoir never letting air into the system.

Just let each side (one at at time) keep flowing until it's nice and clear...
and you're new calipers are mounted and ready to be attached...

.. continued
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Not many tools needed for this job.. lol
(beside floor jack, jack stands, torque wrench for lugs)

Final bleeding process...



Seriously, they feel like the BEST brakes I've ever had.
Super tight and responsive.. and straight as an arrow!
Barely touch the pedal... I couldn't be more thrilled!

Plus they look pretty good peeking thru the wheels too!

Brake dust and flood crud from last month...
I guess I should have taken a photo with clean rims (see my finger marks left side.. lol)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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Is it true... what they say... "The Red" ???

Nice work - glad you got things sorted for "Friends With Water".
As always a fantastic write up.
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It is amazing to me how much crud collects in the reservoir after only a few short years! I believe you cleaned it out fully last time as well if I recall?

I want these beautiful calipers. If it were not such a crime to put anything that pretty on my van which looks like the titanic underneath, I would
Sweet brakes, nice aesthetics and functionality!
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I would have bought these calipers anyway even if they weren't visible.. they ARE fantastic.
They are thickly powder coated.. the last set help up nicely over the past few years.
It's just a bonus that my open wheels shows them off (and my new rotors) too.
I painted my rear drums to match years ago as well.. (a little dirty but pretty close)
It's the same deep red color as the AWD logo too.. so it's ALL a match... lol

It's ironic.. I actually don't care much for these wheels.. yet get compliments on them all the time. Funny how that works... but I'm starting to like them a little more now.
My Centerlines (on my 92) do not have openings.
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I wonder how they would endure the the salt regions in the northern part of the continent.
The complete kit for front and back disc brakes for the 2003-2005 years would set me back $1000 from RockAuto in Canadian funds.
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