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New Transmission

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So the saga continues. My transmission is dead. They're coming to tow it today. I found a used tranny with 75k miles on it at a junkyard for $300. And the guy is charging me $300 to install it. It seems the radiator that I just installed less than a month ago was bad. The transmission fluid was mixing with the coolant. I stopped at a shop by my house, they told me that the only way that can happen is that the trans cooler inside the radiator is bad. (which is believable). So they install a aftermarket trancooler, and a new radiator for me. On the way home the lines going to the aftermarket cooler blow off and bye bye transmission. When I look in the radiator, there's transmission fluid in it again. Was that just residue from before that they didn't get out of the system? The odds of me having 2 radiators go bad (the 2nd was brand new from NAPA $170.00) are very slim don't you think?

I'm sure the thing was on its last leg anyway, and I guess it's a pretty good deal for installing a transmission. My question for you guys is...Is there any other way that trans fluid can mix with the coolant.? It just didn't seem like they did a ton of diagnosis on a pretty significan problem. So I defer to the experts...What do you think?
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So here's a quick update. Turns out the NEW (and when I say new, I mean new in the box) radiator was indeed faulty. The mechanic who looked at it said that they missed a braize in it and it was allowing the trans. fluid to mix with the coolant, hence toasting my transmission.

Got the new transmission in, trans runs nice, it's still a little jerky when shifting from 1st to 2nd if you're going real slow. Maybe the shift sensor that I've read so much about on the forum, who knows. If you take off from a stop at a decent clip it shifts nice and smooth.

So we can add a new trans. to the long list of replaced parts in the last few months. But it's getting better. Next up. ball joints etc.
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