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NEW Upper Control Arm & Ball Joint 2000 AWD

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Passenger side has been clunking for the past month.
Ironically mostly quiet over bumps, but I hear the clunk every time I brake or let off.

It's been a LONG time since I actually "tested" for worn ball-joints.
They seem to let me know when they're going bad...

* Passenger side upper = bad
* Driver side upper = good (replaced last year)
Link: ... 0#p1552420

Here is a photo of basically how a ball-joint is tested..
(lifting upward.. any long 2x4 works nicely)

Here is the video of me "testing" the faulty ball-joint:

Purchased Mevotech MS50121 Control Arm & Ball Joint Assembly PS ($55 Amazon)
Nice because ALL the labor is already done, new ball-joint and new bushings.
(Note: this photo is from previous other side)

Here's the old one (passenger side)

I had to hit pickle fork pretty hard with large sledge hammer to separate it.
A little better angle aiming inward did the trick..

My little messy work area...

New control arm installed...

Job went VERY easy! (took about an hour)
I lubed up the new ball-joint as well.

I "temporarily guessed" at alignment settings, and plan to align this weekend.
(rear side in, forward side out, for lots of positive caster, camber appears good)
Ironically, my guess drives down the road straight as an arrow, with zero pull!
But it's really nice how solid and firm the front end feels again.
Solid AND quiet like a new van!

Not much else to report.. pretty basic stuff.
(I start a new thread so I can document my repairs)


PS: Here again is the link to the driver side replacement last year:
(shows more details on the alignment cams and bolts that go though the bushings) ... 0#p1552420
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