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new wheels & tires

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Hi guys, I'm new here and just bought a 2003 Astro. I'm looking at tires and wheels for it. The van will have Journeys 3-5 kit on it.
I'm wondering what offset and backspace I need, and should I stay with 16" or go larger? Wanting to put as Tall of a tire as I can and not rub off-road.The van will mostly be on pavement, but when it is off-road it will be on gnarly Hawaiian back roads.
For 30+ years I have always used BFG A/Ts on my trucks, but got a bad set on the last round so I sent them back and got Nitto Ridge grapplers.
I can worry about tires after I figure what size wheels to go with.
Any suggestions?

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Your talking 16" wheels. So I assuming it is an 03-05. 31mm was the offset of the OEM wheels. You can likely move about 5mm either way but will still likely have some rubbing with the front depending on the size tire you choose.
While mine is not an AWD. I have 295/50-R15 on a 15x10 0 offset wheel on the rear. My slider touches only because the bottom roller is bad allowing the bottom of the door to slip in
Not on the 03-05. You need to stick with the 31mm offset. a 26mm offset will give you the same as the 0 offset wheels that I am running.

245/75-16 on your stock wheels will give you a 30.5" tire

Suspension clearance: 15 mm (0.6'') closer to suspension/brakes components.
Fenders clearance: Will stick out 15 mm (0.6'') farther.
Wheel well clearance: Will fill out the wheel well by extra 23 mm. Make sure that you have enough room under the fender.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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