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new wheels & tires

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Hi guys, I'm new here and just bought a 2003 Astro. I'm looking at tires and wheels for it. The van will have Journeys 3-5 kit on it.
I'm wondering what offset and backspace I need, and should I stay with 16" or go larger? Wanting to put as Tall of a tire as I can and not rub off-road.The van will mostly be on pavement, but when it is off-road it will be on gnarly Hawaiian back roads.
For 30+ years I have always used BFG A/Ts on my trucks, but got a bad set on the last round so I sent them back and got Nitto Ridge grapplers.
I can worry about tires after I figure what size wheels to go with.
Any suggestions?

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I've got 245/75/16 mounted on OEM aluminum wheels. Required some trimming of the front bumper and wheel well when first installed. I recently installed 1.25" spacers had to trim the bumper and hammer out the front wheel wells again. Rear tire is about 3/16" from the bare cargo slider when fully open.
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