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Guys I have a problem.
I just bought a '90 Astro today.
When I got there it didn't run, but turned over.
Upon inspection, I discovered there was no spark. Checking everything else out
I decided to try the ignition module. Having spare parts at home, I replaced the ignition
module and went ahead and replaced the fuel pump relay. Voila fire! She runs and purs
like a kitten. Turn it off, back on repeatedly a few times, checking it out. Pulling out
I drive over by the hose to top off the coolant. Shut it off, filled the radiator and overflow.
NOW it won't start. No spark and no fuel, pump doesn't even come on. Try another ignition module and pump relay, just to be sure, NOTHING.
Pull out same parts from my running Astro, still nothing. Checked to make sure there's enough
dielectric grease on module.
Do you guys have any suggestions?
I thought maybe the distributor pickup. Dunno?

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Does that van have a fusible link coming off the starter? If you can find a wiring diagram look for something that the fuel pump & ignition system have in common, be it a voltage source or a ground.

That's where I'd start to look.

Keep up informed!

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Faulty Ignition Switch or a blown fuse somewhere? It sounds like a "source" problem to me from what you have said.:)
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