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no spark again

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1995 astro, back to no spark again, have replaced most components including coil,distributor and pickup. Also changed computer. No codes at all
Any suggestions?

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silly question but how have you verified that you have a no spark condition? Obviously, its not running but what test(s) have you done?

Is this a ongoing problem where it stopped running and you replaced parts with no change or everytime you made a change it would run for a little and then die again?
Is it throwing any codes? Have you verified that the injectors are firing?
Ok, but have to verified that fuel is getting into the cylinders?
Ok, good. So to go back to my other question. You mentioned you replaced a bunch of ignition parts. What I wanted to know was did you replace all of those parts at the same time? Did you replace one part, the van ran and died again, and so on? What testing did you do with the ignition before the parts were replaced?
Did you check the fuses? I'm just trying to get a starting point here.
Well, if its not running all the time, I don't think its an intermittent ground that is to blame. Have you verified power and ground to the distributor?
So next would be to test if the coil (secondary side) is generating voltage.
Does your distributor have the HEI cap with the built-in coil or the HEI cap with remote coil?
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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