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no spark again

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1995 astro, back to no spark again, have replaced most components including coil,distributor and pickup. Also changed computer. No codes at all
Any suggestions?

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Hold coil wire and crank engine :screaming: actually, I put a good plug into the coil wire and ground to the block, ( with insulated wire tool), then crank the engine. This has actually been a long process. I have owned this van since new, changed engines and over time had repeated engine stop with tow to shops. They usually didn't find anything and it would start and do OK for a while. It has gone through 2 of my kids and the last iteration was= van running good, A/C compressior clutch seizes, kid drives it home anyway and now it is dead again. I have, through this epic process found and repaired a couple of shorts including the harness behind the battery. It has been a lawn orniment for a while. Just started bugging me enough to crank it over the other day when I had nothing else to do. It started and ran for nearly a minute then died again. Now I can crank without any fire at all. Good fuel pressure at the rail.
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Only code 12. The fuel spider is new and I get voltage on the wire with key on. Using an induction timing light, I get voltage when the engine is cranking.
yes, wet plugs and if cranked long enough, raw smell at the tailpipe.
When I decided to work on it, I just replaced the coil and distributor, cap,rotor at the same time. I didn't do must testing, but the parts were the origional and I was planning on keeping it at the time so I replaced everything.
Yes, checked all the fuses, as far as I know there are the ones in the fuse block and three others by the steering collumn. My thought has always been an intermittent ground fault. But I don't know how to check that.
Yes, those are OK and 12 volts to the distributer
sorry , 12 volts to the coil
Not sure how to do that. The coil is new as is the pickup. If no out put then something must not be charging the coil. Just my guess.
The coil doesn't fire, which I think is the problem.
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