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Hey yall! I'm looking froward to do the swap this winter :) and I would like some advice from those who have done it. Most prefer the manual shift lever route however I have a large refrigerator between my seats annnnd I think it would be really neat to have the button shift on my dash.
Has anyone kept the electric shift? I'd love to know/see

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One possible consideration...
The cable actuated version, can be mounted most any place that is convenient. It does not need to be between the seats.
I think most oft he time you want to use 4WD, you know ahead of time, so having it as a push-button on the dash or a lever/pull knob that is immediately accessible should not be required.
Back in the day-there were manual hubs ( Warn was one brand) on the front wheels of the 4x4 capable trucks and Jeeps. You had to get out of the vehicle and manually turn the actuator on the hub to engage 4 WD.
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In 1981 the GMC Jimmy and Chevrolet Blazer added their automatic locking hubs in front after moving the center floor shifter from 2wd to 4wd high or low postions. You were able to shift while moving.
I never had a problems with the hubs locking or unlocking.

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One of the advantages of going manual and getting away from push-buttons is electronic motor failure. With a manual lever, there is nothing to fail... it's simple and it just always works.

I carry a large box between my seats.
Losing floor space for a shifter was a bad idea for me.

I devised a shifter lever mounted to the side of my seat that pulls upward. It's handy, cheap to build, easy to reach, and takes up no more space than the seat-belt. It uses a shift cable that is easily routed and attached to transfer case.

Here's my personal-design side of seat shifter:
Bicycle part Ratchet Tool Nickel Bicycle drivetrain part

Here is the overhead view (looking down)
(early photo before I shortened the lever)
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Hood Tread

And video of my shifter idea in action:

This design idea is fully tweakable and adaptable to any situation.

Years later, I couldn't be happier I did it this way.
So ready and easy to use.. but yet completely out of the way and forgotten.

Not saying a button shift isn't a cool idea, but it just wasn't for me.
I prefer simplicity and reliability.

My story (includes shifter design):

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