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NP233c Install with floor heater duct

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Im getting ready to buy an NP233c to swap into my 2000 GMC Safari and have been looking at a bunch of the swap postings and it looks very straight forward and well within my skill set to pull off. I have been looking at the shifter kit for the swap from Journey's and also like Mmusicman's setup with the cable.

My question is that my van seems to have some heater ducting that runs next to/under the drivers seat where the shift lever from the Journey's kit would mount. Has anyone dealt with this situation? do i have to cut through the he heater ducting or remove it in order to be able to install their kit? Has anyone gone the cable route like Mmusicman and been able to avoid going through the ducting?

I like the idea of the cable operation so i can keep the shifter lever as close to the seat as possible as my wife and i want to be able to put a 12v refrigerator in the area between the seats, however i also like the simplicity of the Journeys kit since i dont have a tone of spare time on my hands to fab my own setup.

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This is what that heater duct looks like under the carpet, except for the 3 holes in the middle - that's my stuff. To the left of the picture is the drivers seat - you can see 1 of the 4 seat mounting studs for each seat to either side of the duct. And the middle section (upside down V) isn't moving air - it's just positioning the two branches of ducting.
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