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Oil Cooler for towing

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I just got an extra transmission cooler in stalled, and changed the fluid in the front and rear differentials (its AWD)

The electric brake controller goes in tomorrow.

What do you think about an additional oil cooler? Has anyone seen a need for that?

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Michael, hope you get this...i tow a 5000 lb. travel trailer and even with a fan forced perma-cool trans cooler the temps start climbing when i hit the usual 6 % grade where i go...highest i've seen with cooling has been about 220 degrees...and with increased trans temps the water temp starts going up...i have now installed a perma-cool pusher fan in front of the other half of the is new so can't tell you how well it is going to work...i have both switched so both come on at the same can do an on-line search for "trans. temps" is scary how fast fluid goes bad at higher temps...i try to keep mine as low as not believe winter temps cool it too vote? do it....
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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