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Oil Cooler for towing

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I just got an extra transmission cooler in stalled, and changed the fluid in the front and rear differentials (its AWD)

The electric brake controller goes in tomorrow.

What do you think about an additional oil cooler? Has anyone seen a need for that?

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This year I started monitoring my tranny temperature while towing - with a scan tool. When not towing, the tranny temperature was the same as the engine, at about 195 DegF. On my first camping trip, while towing a 3500 lb pop-up camper, when it was 70 DegF outside I saw the tranny temp settle around 210 DegF, and it even peaked out at 230 DegF. I did not like that, so I put in a 24000 Lb Hayden tranny cooler. When towing with the tranny cooler temp did not exceed 160 degF. I was most impressed.

I too did have a concern about the winter performance with a tranny cooler, but the tranny shop where I got the cooler swore up & down that this would not be an issue. We will see. Happy so far. :D
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