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P0335 on 02 Safari

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My van suddenly stopped turning over on the next day when I tried to crank it up and hit the gym. I then towed it to a shop and they sent me this pic stating that the pigtail to the ckps is damaged. I had this issue a while back like last year. Now the say this could fix the crank no start issue but we don’t guarantee it. They wanna charge me $250 to repair that pigtail which I can do it for as little as $25 not $250. So do you think this is the culprit to the no start issue?
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Yes, actually just separate those wires and see if it starts. If it does, wrap a piece of tape around each of them temporarily. Take it home and repair it the right way yourself and you should be good to go for a few dollars. A decent mechanic could have done that for you so you could drive it home and recommended the proper repair at a later point in time. It looks like the short was between the yellow(signal) wire and the purple(ground to VCM). I would check and repair each of the three wires as the third wire green(12v +) from fuse block looks like has very few conductors left in tact.

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Thank you....
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