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P0335 on 02 Safari

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My van suddenly stopped turning over on the next day when I tried to crank it up and hit the gym. I then towed it to a shop and they sent me this pic stating that the pigtail to the ckps is damaged. I had this issue a while back like last year. Now the say this could fix the crank no start issue but we don’t guarantee it. They wanna charge me $250 to repair that pigtail which I can do it for as little as $25 not $250. So do you think this is the culprit to the no start issue?
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Normally I'd say fix it yourself.
Easy fix.

However, they are right, no guarantee this wiring has actually failed and is the actual culprit. Most likely it "looks" like it is. But if it isn't, are you going to tow the van back to the shop again? And if it's there now.. are you going to "fix" it yourself on their property? PLUS.. who diagnosed and discovered the likely culprit?
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