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What did you guys do for tuning your PCM ? I have the 2002 5.7 out of a chevy express going into a 2003 AWD astro.
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codydaniels said:
Your PCM does not have to be reprogrammed for it to run. It will run but once it has been installed into another vehicle it will most likely show the check engine light. If the express van had a security system it may or may not run. As far as reprogramming your PCM it can be sent to many people to be done. If you can get it running you can take it to a local shop that can do programming. You can use the harness from the other vehicle and cut and modify all day long until it is what you want but you should be fairly proficient at electrical before you consider doing that.
I believe that he is wanting to use the vehicle PCM and not the donor PCM, which in that case, it will 100% have to be reprogrammed.
Rinny said:
I have the 2002 5.7 out of a chevy express going into a 2003 AWD astro.
codydaniels said:
The original Astro PCM can not be programmed to run the new engine. You will have to run 2 PCM's, 1 for the engine and one for the chassis.
This is wrong.
If you are using the computer out of the donor, those are the only wires you should need. It will run, and it will adjust to the cam enough to drive to the shop you get to do the final tuning.
Then you will have to have it tuned/programmed before you start it.
Rinny said:
AstroWill said:
Then you will have to have it tuned before you start it.
What parameters are out of whack in my present computer?
It's set up for a 4.3l 6cyl.

Rinny said:
Nice Tiger GT by the way!!
Thanks, which one?
All 3 of my Tigers are RWD, my 03 passenger van is AWD though.
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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