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performance chip

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I was checking out some websites of companies who sell "performance chips", designed to increase your engine's power by modifying the engine computer's program(s) and/or by replacing the engine's computer altogether. Has anyone tried one of these things out in an Astro/Safari? I'd be interested in one which would give me better gas mileage if it were availalbe and I thought it might actually work.

Let me know your thoughts/experiences
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If I remember right, these only do what they are intended to do at WOT. Maybe someone will hop in and tell more. And if it's the resistor in the IAT port on your air intake, don't bother..
My son is a GM guy, for 17 years. Highly suggest NOT to install these units on a vortex style engine. I was hoping for some release from the bad milage but to no avail. I have had a 96 and now a 04. All down hill i guess out of gear?? :twisted:
Moto save your money. I bought hypertech chip a few years back (when gas was cheaper) for my 94 2wd. It required a 160 degeree thermostat, premium gas $$$$$ and changing your timing a little bit. It did not do much and it is no longer in the van. The best bang for your buck would be a air intake and a free flowing exhaust.
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