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Picked up a 2000 GMC Safari Cargo Basket Case. Halp me please.

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Picked up this gem of a work van a few weeks ago. Needed the included transmission installed. Previous owner used it to tow based on the brake controller mounted on the column. Probably what killed the tranny. Anyways, got the new transmission in, but haven't been able to test it properly because of some other issues. I have researched the following issues briefly and will continue to do so throughout the week. I really need to get this van into service so I can stop working out of my truck.

1. Engine needs a tune up, it runs rough. CEL P0340 (camshaft position sensor A circuit bank 1 or single sensor). I have already purchased all new ignition components and air filter to be installed soon.

2. Fuel gauge, temp gauge, and gear / odometer display stopped working, they were working, now they're not. The gear / odo display works briefly if the key is turned one click forward. There is some pretty shotty splices I removed / fixed from the previous owner's brake controller and stereo installations. Previous owner also added several cigarette lighter 12v adapters with exposed wiring. Initially, the OBD2 port wasn't working, fuse 7 was blown. I was hoping this would fix the cluster problems, but it did not. I checked other fuses but nothing that seemed related was blown. Additionally, the hvac controls seem to do nothing. I don't know if this is related, or a separate problem.

3. The transmission cooler line that goes into the top of the radiator is leaking where is connects to radiator. Is this common? Is there an O-ring or something, or does the whole line have to be replaced?
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Welcome back to the Forum - nice find on "The White Van".

Your keyboard musta' been dusty.

A quick search either here or using g00gull with "" in the line should give you good &quick answers.
It has always worked for me - going on 9 years now...

Oh, and don't forget about those pesky Vacuum lines that mess with the HVAC system.
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