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Platinum Spark Plugs on 95 Safari?

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Am I a total retard for doing that before I started learning how to work on this lovely hunk of continual work I purchased a year and a half ago?

I'm enjoying the process of slowly learning a thing or two and doing work on the thing. It makes me more confident in working on the cars we actually use on a day to day for minor repairs and maintenance.

My main imaginary ideas about what's actually wrong with the "truck" as it does say truck on the back. Are the spider, a possible vacuum leak, distributor timing, o2 sensors & egr. And also possibly the plugs that I put in last year when I did my own version of a tune up and decided on getting platinum plugs vs. copper. I'm not sure if there is an issue there as well. I don't know what sort of voltage we're dealing with since I just watched a video on the history of the spark plug.

Anyway, any comments are welcome. I'll probably keep holding on to this truck until I break it completely. It's a fun experience.
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Hi, and welcome to I see this is your first post since joining the forum. As for your questions/musings/ponderings, it looks like you're on the right path. Platinum plugs are fine, in fact, some (myself included) see them as a bit of an upgrade.
As for what may be "wrong", we're going to need some more info to provide any help in diagnosing any issues. Overall mileage, fuel economy, driveability issues, any other symptoms etc. That's where you need to start. Don't start throwing parts at it, that just introduces more unknowns into the mix.
The '95 models are a bit of a "Red-Headed Stepchild" as far as being a transition year from First to Second Generation. Keep that in mind when reading any replies...
Lastly, and this is just MY OWN humble opinion, I would refrain from using terms such as "total retard" in future postings. I think we all know why.
Yes, working on vehicles can be fun. And a learning experience. Enjoy!
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