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Please be careful while welding

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No, not another garage fire. This can be worse. (I can't cut & paste the text)
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fungus2k said:
jeez that's horrible, its funny how now a days people can't believe the stuff people used to use 20-30 years ago without protection and whatnot (varsol without gloves, coal mines with black lung etc.) just imagine what people are going to say in another 20 years about some of the stuff we do now a days. I work in a CNC machine shop, we machine so hard and hot sometimes it boils the coolant and steams us out of the shop, i can't imagine that stuff in the air being very good for us.
In the shop I used to work for, they had great ventilation because someone did develop respiratory issues due to that "steam".
toddb said:
geez I'm glad i read that. if true, one would think that a bigger alert/ label would be called for. I'm actuallly just happy to drive one of these cars and not wrench them like the rest of of you poor buggers. lol
Is that pity I hear? Give me, give me, give me. :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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