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Engine abruptly stopped while driving down the road at 50 MPH.

Unable to restart; engine cranks but it will not begin to sputter much less turn over.

Battery appears to be strong.

Tank is full of fuel

I can hear the fuel pump when ignition is in run position.

Battery and alternator are less than a year old.

I have been thinking that the fuel pump sounded louder than usual.

Occasionally I have experienced a slight hesitation for the first ¼ mile when starting out in the morning.

Astro is equipped with (EDI) Enhanced distributor Ignition. So correct me if I am wrong but I don't think there is an Ignition Module to check as there is with the earlier HEI.

No spark coming from spark plug with its threads resting on a bolt secured to the block.

Coil is receiving voltage

Resistance test of the coil produced ohm readings almost identical to new coil.

I would like to know exactly where the Hall Effect Sensor and Crank Position sensors are located. And any advice on how to test them would be greatly appreciated.

Even better maybe someone else here has experienced a similar problem and can tell me how to fix it.
Thank you
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