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Post a random Astro/Safari picture

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Post a random Astro/Safari picture. Can be taken by you, or anyone else. Can be found on the internet. On your computer. In a shoebox. Just has to show an Astro or Safari van.
Let's see those vans!

Here's one for a start
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Did you guys miss your Bedtimes ??


PS: His Cheeseburger Cooker is tied into the Bubblegum & Lollipop dispenser systems - which we ALL know he just got done with. Lumpy - giveCCabreakwhydoncha'
CC POP GUM System .jpg
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That looks more like a full size Ford van.

Geez, what are you using for a monitor ?

Except I see no Grill ?

Looks like you might need your "AWD Tow Pakage".

I THINK they do a nice job.

Just as we did throughout our house ( 8 of em' ), Solid 6 Panel doors are the Best Choice.

Just takes your breath away, right ?

97cargocrawler said:
... It has some aerodynamic issues ...
Oh... you must be referring to the Roof Top Rocket Launcher & Side Mount Machine Guns.

Was out looking for a 2K-3K used car for a nephew and one of the lots we checked had 2 Vintage Astros:

1st one is a 1985 Shorty Pass. Van in Absolutely Fabulous Condition - has 84,667 mis. and the guy is Looking for about $2400. The Interior is Cleaner and Newer than new and it is all Original. Doors are solid, glass is Perfect, underside clean - no rust.
Truly one to see - our 92 we bought in 94 was not in this good a shape and it looked new.
My Goodness... ... Here are a few photos:







2nd one is/was a 1985 Shorty Cargo RS sorta' wannabe. It has the red trim in the bumper, looks like it had other RS features. Strange that it has a window in the side door but not the other side. Looks to be all original. Could not get any other data on it.
Here's a couple of shots:



Interesting day - all in all, I saw 5 Astros and 1 Safari for sale - 3 Astros were 1985 ( the other was wrecked and parted out ), oddly enough, the rest were 1995.
Were not even looking for them. Don't see too many of the old ones around anymore.


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I have come to find out just how popular Red Interiors are.
Look around - now they are everywhere.
Just ask Porsche and Ferrari.
Mustangs and Cadillacs

This Van's Interior Cloth is Mint. Does not feel or look like anyone has sat in any of the seats except the driver's.
But there is a lot of this Red in there...

2800 miles a year is not much.

Anyone have a clue what the Van is really worth? Retail, tradein, etc.

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Just drove by there today / half hour ago - it's still there.

It calls out to me ... I resist ... it's still there ...
Wife mentions, "sell The Van and get the old one - it is a beaut, so cute".

Yup, it's calling ...

I have seen those "Track" units - Jay Leno's show had a full straight axle Jeep / Big Willys changed over to the tracks - cannot remember what brand, but they were apprx. $15,000 a wheel x 4.
Sure looked like fun and Jay tried real hard to kill it full speed. Nice!

Here's the one I have to look at every day I leave the house:

Astro DOWN the street-all wrong.JPG

And like a Flintstone Car - the holes go all the way thru - someday when he has the door open AND I have the Camera...
Who Knows - maybe I will get a photo "Going Up".


by the way... LOL
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Those look like 20" rims - whattaya'll think?

Mike thanks CC
Damn Randy... how'd you get the Pass to go to Covington.

And, who let you out of "The Sticks" ? LOL

hackernofxdude said:
This is my hand-me-down '96 with 247,xxx miles. ... lots of stuff...
Nice Starter "Family" Van - welcome to the Forum - nice to see a fellow Kentucky rez around here.
The rest of those guys, well, they ALL feel so inferior. But are not ... really...

That white Van...
Poor thing.

sixsix said:
That white Van...
Poor thing.
Looks to have seen a better day, Rode Hard ... Never got put Away.
Big Dents, Peeling paint, Crappy looking Wheels, kinda' looks Forlorn out there...

What do YOU make of it ?

My Goodness, Gas - You're gonna' run outa' film - lol
Or did you have these saved up from years ago?

Here recently, I wish that I was driving w/ my camera full time - missing some great shots and some Cool Astros and Safaris.

We do not have / use a cell phone ( I know ... :rofl: ) - so I would have to keep a camera in both vehicles.

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