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I’m always hesitant to start a new thread, but this one was quirky enough that I thought others might get some future value from it.

Clastro my daily driver camper van finally ate a rear axle at 220k so I have it in the shop and a friend let me borrow his 02 AWD while I’m working my on mine. Of course, the next day my girlfriend is driving it home and it dumps 3 quarts of power steering fluid on my driveway.

The steering gear is absolutely soggy around the input shaft so I assume this will be easy and I order a new REDHEAD steering gear and swap it out.

I have a new power steering pump on the spare parts shelf so I swap it too while I have the bottom front of the motor exposed. (Tensioner/idler and front main seal too)

flush the power steering fluid 4 times. Bleed and purge 6-8 times. (Wheels of ground), lock to lock 100x, pump brakes for hydro boost, repeat. No joy. Still no power assist.

I make up a vacuum assist bleeder for the reservoir. Bleed it as per the GM tech manual. Pull vacuum, wait 5 minutes, cycle, repeat twice. No joy.

This has been strung out over the course of a week so minimal reintroduction of air/cavitation. But I’m just not getting hydraulic power.

Checking pump shaft and adding clear hose for flow volume/clarity test on the return side. But I’m on a time crunch since the non profit I volunteer for has me wheels up to Ukraine on Monday. I really don’t want to leave it “open” while I’m over there or leave my girlfriend without a reliable mode of transportation.

many thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been reading up on the EVO sensor failure modes and that is what it acts like, but as a 2002 my understanding is that was only applicable on 97-98 models.

thanks in advance everyone.

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Dust cover/plug removed from pump before installation? Any weird noises? Belt issues?

No power steering and no power brakes really leans towards the pump being bad.
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