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So, as I procrastinate and push off rebuilding the Vortec sitting in the garage, I am wondering about the fuel intake. I currently have a TBI on my 305, and it's never really impressed me (of course, all the parts are old...). I've been thinking of switching to a carb when I get around to putting in the '98 Vortec, as I'd need to get a new intake, and the cheaper way is a carb intake w/ a TBI adaptor to keep the TBI. I need to run new fuel lines (mine are rusting) so adding the correct stuff for a carb would be easy.

Now a guy at work has a Predator carb. When I had my Camaro in the 90's, I thought about switching to one but never did, but I did some research (most of which I forgot). When I was shooting the bull with this guy, he mentioned he had a Predator just sitting around under his workbench. He was surprised I knew what it was, as many don't. He offered it to me, asking "what do you think it's worth?"

Now, I still need to measure the space in my van to see if it'll even fit, as it is a taller carb, so that would rule it out if it doesn't fit. If it does fit, is it worth it? Would I be better off with a traditional carb, or would this be a comparable/better option. Lastly, if it is a viable option, what do you think I should offer him for it? I don't want to lowball & insult him, but I don't want to go too high. He said if I don't get it he'll just toss it back under his bench, no worries. Oh, and he's my boss...

It's not the chrome plated one either, just the standard one. He had it on a mid 80's Chevy p/u 4x4 with a 4-speed manual.


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Predator might LOOK impressive.. and BE IMPRESSIVE on the right motor.. BUT there is a good chance it's too much CFM for the cubic inches which might hurt throttle response, fuel economy, and overall regular street performance. If you were building a track car and only pushed the throttle all the way down EVERY time, then we'd probably be having a different discussion.

Just my opinion.. and since I never owned a Predator, I'm merely speculating. Better to get an opinion from someone who's had one.

Of course, sometimes EXCESSIVE is good!

Carry on!
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