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Hi fede
I don't know much about the lights your asking about with the link you gave, but wanted to say their has been some talk about this in the old forum. The consensus was that blue didn't give a very good illumination as apposed to the white lights (for a lack of a better word). Also 65 watts is the range you will need to stay in for "stock" applications, anything hotter than 65 watts will require headlight wire modifications to handle it, otherwise you run a very good chance of burning them (the wires).

I personally run the Xenon lights, and they made a big difference for me, I have the composite design on my van so the low beams are-9006 and the high beams are 9005. If your interested, here is a link to the Xenon site to have a look over:
I'm sure others will chime in when they see this post. Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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