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Questions about Replacing Tires

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I'm going to preface this questions with I know nothing about tires.

I currently have 4 Firestone Destination A/Ts (P205/75R15) on my 2000 Astro (RWD) and one of them has dry rot. Should I just replace the single tire, two or all four. If so, what would be an equivalent replace for the make/brand I currently have? It looks like the one's I currently have are discontinued. Also, if I buy tires online, how do I get them on my car.

These feel like these are simple questions, so go easy on me šŸ˜“
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If one has dry-rot they all must be old. I like the idea of having good rubber on my van. I bought six grabbers on line then paid a local shop to mount and balance. You donā€™t say if you are AWD if you are AWD remember all tires must be the same size. So if the old ones are half worn one new one may create problems. Tires are always on sale somewhere so shop. Best wishes Ken
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