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Thats right she died on me today but it was all my fault she had a cooling problem i just never addressed it and now shes dead :banghead: :screaming:
but it is ok we have the technoligy to rebuild her we can make her better and stronger she will ride agin i just wanted to tell everybody that she is okay soon :ugeek:
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astro355 said:
Its good to hear your optimism, just don't spend $6million on her.
:lol: I agree but it shouldn't cost too much. After all, it isn't a ford. ;)
Not in awhile. I reckon that was a joke gone wrong. :(
astro355 said:
Anything new isn't cheap. Just one reason out of many why I don't mind fixing up an older vehicle.
I agree. Sure I'm paying on an 01 Neon, but if I wouldn't have bought that I'd be just as content driving the van all the time and putting some more money into it.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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