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Radiator or water pump

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I have a leak in what I think is the water pump. I have done so many flushes that o think so e of the stuff that was coming out was that stop leak stuff and now she leaks crazy. I fill it with water and at a certain point it starts pouring outta the bottom just behind the radiator. She never over heats but after I get to where I'm going and turn her off water streams out from under her flowing beneath the driver door side. Now suddenly it's not really heading out that way but traveling all the way down the frame and showing up dripping from the back bumper on the driver side. I don't know what to do and this is my only vehicle and the mechanics where I live take about a month to do anything plus they're closed weekends. Wondering if I should get some of that leak stop or if how much comes out tells me it's a big leak but like I said she never overheats. Thank you in advance. I love this site! Everyone is always so helpful
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I have not seen anyone suggest borrowing a cooling system tester from the local auto parts store (LAPS) . Most have that sort of thing available now days. If the favorite parts store does not loan tools and some basic test equipment (fuel pressure tester, fan clutch wrenches, diagnostic tools, etc.) , likely the next one down the street will.
Putting pressure tester on the radiator system and pumping it up to 12-15 lbs should make the leak source(s) VERY obvious!:eek:
Have a raincoat handy before crawling under for the inspection!o_O
Rod J
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