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radio swap

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my 2000 Asto got totaled by a lady on her cell phone so i just bought a very nice '99. my 2000 had the stock ac-delco with cd player which i liked and my '99 has a tape. Can i get one w/ a cd player from the junk yard and just swap them, will it fit? how easy is this to do, i'm not a wiring genius?

Also, i would like to replace the front and rear carpets - any suggestions?
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Welcome aboard!
I don't know about the radio, I'd agree with what's been said already.

I replaced my carpet with an area rug trimmed to fit, cost about $60. There's some pics in my gallery here. I will say this though- when you take out the old carpet, WEAR A RESPIRATOR OR DUST MASK!!! :!: There is who knows how much dirt and whatnot in and under there, and it's not something you want to breathe. I had sinus trouble for several weeks after doing mine.
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