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rear brake drum stuck

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I wanted to look at the rear brake shoes on my 2002 Safari (74K miles); I've never had the drums off. One came off easily, the other is really stuck. It seems loose at the studs and at the edge (at the shoes), but is stuck at the center of the hub. I was thinking of using a gear puller on it, but mine is not big enough; needs to be capable of about 11" diameter. Anybody have any good ideas?
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timelessbeing said:
LEVE said:
Have you tried backing off the star adjuster?
I was wondering how many "bash it" posts I was going to see before someone suggested the adjuster. I get the feeling people just like to hit things.
It relieves stress :rofl:
The issue is whether it's sticking on the hub, or hanging up in the groove worn into the drum by the brake shoe.
I have 3 of these vans and all 3 have knock out plates. ( well...HAD is the operative word on 2 of them, and the 3rd one's gonna be following the same road)
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